What we do

We use hands-on activities to teach thinking skills. Children are given space to visualise solutions, then to implement them. Anything goes as long as it works - safety first, of course.


Our vision is to inspire curiosity and persistance.

We mix physics, woodwork and kinetic craft - moving objects are more fun.

Children like to solve problems. They like it even more when they can see if they're right without the teacher telling them.

If they get it wrong, we remind them they're in good company. Einstein and Edison did too. That's what persistence is for.

Why we do it

Learning is effective when it's fun.

Everyone says that. So why doesn't it happen more often?

Who we help

Students who want to learn how to think.

The real world presents us all with many problems in a day. People prosper according to how many of these problems they can solve efficiently.